TWSBI Vac 20A Ink Bottle- Orange


I received my TWSBI Vac 20A Ink Bottle in orange today from Goulet Pens (.com). I have been keeping my eye on this ink well for quite some time and everywhere I looked it was sold out. Finally, Goulet Pens got them in stock and I got to pick up one in orange to match my TWSBI Eco.


It comes packaged in a minimal brown cardboard box with the TWSBI logo on the top.


Inside the box is the inkwell, nestled nice and snug.





It’s a decent sized portable ink well. My guess is about 2-3 fills for the TWSBI Eco. It disassembles simply and the TWSBI Eco fits nicely into the top. You can use other pens as well, just remove the main top compartment and any pen can be filled.



Pictured in the ink well is the TWSBI Eco. Although the site did not list the Eco as one of the pens that would fit, the Eco fits securely and should be easily filled. I can’t wait to try it! I just need to use all of the Violet Vote I loaded into it the other day!


My TWSBI collection so far. Slowly but surely I am picking up TWSBI pieces. I still need to get the mini and the large ink well.



Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!



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