Pilot Juice (Japan)


There’s something about a decent gel pen that just makes me fall in love with office supplies all over again. Just when I think the basic pen is bo-ring, along comes something like the Pilot Juice that rekindles my love for pens.


The Pilot Juice is a gel ink ball point pen that is aesthetically pleasing as well as super comfy! The ink is vibrant and even.



I’m really digging the clicker and clip on these pens. They are super durable and if you’re anything like me, you’ll love the clips! I love to clip pens to my shirts or inside of bags so I won’t lose them. The Pilot Juice has an ultra durable spring loaded clip.


The barrel of the pen is clear plastic, allowing the color of the ink to show through. The bottom of the pen is a plastic grip matching the color of the ink. It’s a soft gel type plastic that even the sweatiest of hands will enjoy!



These pens are .5mm and just right for long writing sessions, note taking, or color coordinating. They’re also bright enough to use on black paper or cardboard– the colors really do pop!


I purchased the six pack of pens at Amazon.com, but JetPens.com also carries the Pilot Juice line. At JetPens you can buy them as singles or in packs.


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

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