Decomposition Books


My Decomposition Books came in today via Amazon. I ordered “Dinosaurs” and “Pegasus” because that’s really all that was available on Prime. However, if you hit up you can see all the awesome products this family run company (since 1949!) has to offer.



The inner covers are super cute. They look doodled on and have some interesting commentary, notes, and facts. The covers are durable (like an ultra grade composition book) and they are bound in the classic way: tape and string.


It’s pretty standard for a composition book. 80 sheets (160 pages), college ruled, 7.5″ x 9.75″, and made in the good ol’ USA. The pages are made from 100% post consumer waste recycled pages and they use soy ink printing.


I didn’t expect this paper to be fountain pen friendly. It’s a soft paper that just feels as if it is going to slurp up ink. However, even the Pentel Rolling Writer, which is just a basic felt tip pen, still bled and feathered. The only pens that wrote decently on the paper was the Pilot Down Force, probably because it’s a ball point. The Uniball RT1 wasn’t awful, but you wouldn’t want to press down too hard or let your point linger after writing.


That being said, these notebooks are pretty durable, and pretty! I like the uniqueness of the design and the utilitarian feel of the material. I might not be able to use my fountain pens or markers, but I can still scrib on with a pencil, ball point, or fine tip gel.


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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