TWSBI mini

I got a surprise package in the mail today, which I can only assume was my dad. Although he hasn’t owned up to it, I’m grateful all the same! My entire family has been super sick, except me and my six year old, so getting this surprise gift in the mail made the last several sleepless nights a thing of the past. It’s amazing what something unexpected and appreciated can do for one’s moral!

I’ve only scribbed a tiny bit with it, but already I prefer it to my Eco. I prefer shorter pens, like the Kaweco Sport. 


It is a F nib, which writes a lot like a medium nib. The ink flows quick and smooth with zero feedback. The cap screws to the body of the pen both for posting and closing. For a small pen the reservoir is massive. I cannot wait to add this to my daily rotation! I know I’m late to the TWSBI mini party, but I’m glad I could attend! 


Enjoy and happy scribbling!


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