ProMarx UltraFine Signature Pen


Every once in a while the dollar store (aka “The Tree”) will have an awesome office supply product that out performs its price. Such is the case with the ProMarx Ultrafine signature pen in 0.5mm. I picked these up because I was too poor to buy the Pigma Micron markers and I really needed a pen for note taking. However. I discovered that Michael’s sells Pigma Micron markers in SINGLES for less than two dollars, so I ended up picking up a single 005 pen and the ProMarx pack got stashed in my surplus drawer.

Until today.


I was curious how this guy writes. I mean, I would only be out a buck if it turned out to be garbage. What could I possibly lose?? Or more importantly– what could I possibly gain?


Turns out, I gained three pretty awesome fine liners for cheap. They dry fast, write smoothly, feel great in the hand (despite the obviously cheap plastic body), and work well with both gel highlighters and standard marker highlighters. My biggest question was: does it write on onion skin paper?


YES! Yes it does! Quite well, as a matter of fact. Just as well as the Micron Pigma. For an easy buck, this three pack of 0.5mm Ultrafine markers are definitely going to be in my go-to tools for note taking, journaling, and bible study. If you have a Dollar Tree near you, I highly recommend “splurging” and picking up a pack!

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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