Stability Swing Cool WOW Highlighters

I got some highlighters from Amazon the other day. It was an add on item to get free shipping, but I own one swing highlighter and I really like it and it’s drying out. Hence the reason for ordering more. 

These little guys are very portable and fit well in the hands. At 5 inches the swing cool highlighter is full size, but not bulky, like a lot of marker style highlighters seem to be. They are made of thick sheer plastic and the ink cartridge made of silver metal is visible. I like this feature because it gives the illusion of the marker being glittery.

It has a standard chiseled marker tip.

Here is  plastic body. You can see the innards of the marker.
The clip is made of durable plastic goes around the entire top of the pen. You can easily post the cap and it stays on securely.

I tried the markers on several pens and didn’t see any smearing– something rare when using marker style highlighters. I did not try them on fountain pen ink for several reasons: the paper I was using is not at all fountain pen friendly and I don’t want to booger up my marker tips with ugly ink.

I paid roughly four dollars for this four pack if Stabilo Swing Cool WOW highlighters. If you’re a student or a person that loves to highlight (like me!) these little guys are perfect! For either travel, EDC, or home use, the Swing Cool highlighters are a great buy! 

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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