New Thing for My Journaling Bible 

While I wait for paint to dry, I’ll share this new thing I picked up from Mardel for my journaling bible.

Lots and lots of paint.Gelatos, watercolor, and acrylic are covering this page and I am patiently waiting for all of that to dry. 

 Here are some clip flags I picked up at Mardel specifically for my journaling bible because there are so many important scriptures I want to mark! I’m also doing several bible studies and these will help me locate them quickly. 

They’re made of durable card stock and the bottom half has a plastic coating. Which is great because I need durability. Even though it seems like I am tearing this bible to shreds, I really do actively study with this particular one. 


It boasts a no smear feature that I can’t wait to see if it holds true. Right now I’m using decorative clips to mark pages. I can’t wait to add some practicality.  


See? Very frilly.
Enjoy and Happy Scribbing! 


Wire Bound Apica Notebook 

I’m back from my trip to Austin and have brought back loads of goodies to share with you! The wire bound Apica notebook is one of the best things I found. They’re affordable and made with fountain pen friendly paper. They’re also very thin which makes them easy to pack. 

The paper is lined and includes a bold line at the top and the bottom. I really utilize the date feature. It helps me to keep notes organized.

The wire binding is extremely durable. This notebook has been stuffed and restuffed into my purse and bags many times since Friday and the wire isn’t even misshapen. Definitely not something a run of the mill notebook can boast. 

I tried several different pens and all of them did well. Zero bleeding, smearing, or feathering. Apica paper is a joy to use! 

I picked my notebook up at Book People in Austin, Texas, but sells them, too.
Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

Trip to Austin 

I’m in Austin visiting my parents and I’m also visiting some awesome pen and paper shops, too! I can’t wait to get home and share with everyone the treasures I’ve found! Here are some pics of my trip so far!

The Paper Place is my favorite pen and paper shop in Austin!

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing! See y’all soon!