Happy Planner Teacher Edition 


Callifolio Ink: Teodora

Vanness PensIMG_2367

This ink has got to be my favorite ink of all time. It is beautiful, dries quickly, and was decently priced around ten dollars at the time of purchase from Vanness Pens.


I’m currently using the ink in a converted eye dropper pen I made using a Platinum Preppy with an 05 Medium Nib. The Preppy is one of my favorite “disposable” fountain pens– even over the Pilot Varsity!


The ink is rich and bold. It’s multifaceted and dries true to its color. I’m using it on white Apica paper, which is extremely fountain pen friendly.



L’Artisan Pastellier’s selection of Callifolio inks are suitable and safe for any type of pen, including vintage pens! They are water-based and have a balanced composition that guarantees perfect flow. They are non-toxic and non-corrosive and they are available in an original 40 ml triangular inkpot.

Callifolio inks are traditionally crafted and can be freely mixed and matched. They are characterised by moderate saturation and relatively bright colours and they are non-water-resistant. Why not create your own personal ink or adapt an existing ink to your taste?

(Taken from the Vanness Pens website)


I’m currently using both pen and ink in my EDC. I’ve had this bottle of ink since November/December and have to use it sparingly– I’m almost out! It’s a beautiful blend of blue and green resulting in a gorgeous jewel tone! If you’re looking for something different from the everyday blue or black ink, but don’t want to stray too far from the norm, Callifolio’s Teodora is a perfect compromise!

Ticonderoga Pencils: Pastel Brights


I was doing some grocery shopping the other day and decided to check out the office supply section because they had recently expanded it. I’m always on the lookout for awesome pencils, pens, and other bits of office supplies since we homeschool year round. I was surprised to see these brightly colored Ticonderoga pencils. I’ve seen several editions in different colored versions: neon, holographic, black, mechanical pencil, etc., but I have never seen the multicolored pastel pencils.


They come pre-sharpened, but we don’t like those small points. My kids have come to realize that a nice, sharp pencil is a force to be reckoned with. So what do we do?? We use our Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener of course!



And we get a perfect point EVERY TIME! These Ticonderoga pencils are made of 100% American cedar and are pretty sturdy, even in little hands with lots of pressure. Since we are still in the elementary years, we are definitely a household of primarily pencil users. Pens are still a novelty and something usually reserved for doodling.


The lead is a super soft #2 HB grade. I used it on Apica paper and it feels like writing on glass. Even with a super sharp point the writing was soft, zero feedback, with very little lead debris. The pencil body itself is sturdy in true Ticonderoga fashion.


This pack of ten brightly colored pencils will soon be devoured by eager learners with busy hands. I picked them up for under $3– a steal at almost 25c a pencil!

Enjoy and happy scribbing!

TUL Custom Note Taking System


Office Depot has started carrying some disc systems for note taking and it’s the brand TUL. You might recognize the brand since not only is it a brand that they carry, but it’s an Office Depot exclusive.



The premium TUL Custom Note-Taking System will become an integral part of your business life. Add to it. Remove pages from it. Rearrange additional sheets, reports, business cards, anything that you have punched. With seemingly endless customization options, it is the professional notebook that will grow with your business.

It’s sleek, professional, and versatile. And that’s what I like about it! I’m a Happy Planner user and although I am relatively new to the brand, I absolutely love the disc system and how awesomely customizable everything is! However, I use a lot of paper for note taking and I don’t like to carry many notebooks with me as I travel, so I like to include everything in my planner. That’s where TUL paper comes in.


I chose the 8.5″ x 11″ size to fit in my Big Happy Planner and my Teacher’s Planner. TUL does offer the smaller sizes, but they aren’t quite the size of the standard Happy Planner, but the inserts will fit, minus a disc or two.




The TUL brand is a perfect match up with my Big Happy Planner! Pictured above are the tabbed dividers.


The tabbed dividers come with tab stickers.


The dot grid paper is perfect for fountain pen enthusiasts! It’s heavy and smooth, perfect for wet ink! Not only am I an avid note taker, but I predominantly use fountain pens to write with. And fountain pen friendly paper at a decent price is hard to come by. Well, TUL paper is roughly $4.99 per pack. What a steal!



I tried many different inks and there wasn’t any bleeding, feathering, or ghosting. Both fine and medium nibs ran smoothly over the paper.


The paper fits perfectly in the Happy Planner system. It’s professional, clean, and practical. It’s also a heavy duty paper, which is perfect for note takers and those of us that need to depend on a paper’s performance.

If you’ve got an Office Depot near you I highly recommend the TUL note taking system!


enjoy and happy scribbing!

Chesterfield Antique Ink: Antique Mariner




I am in LOVE with the line of Chesterfield ink: Antique Ink. The color I am showing you today is Antique Mariner. It’s a delightfully light blue ink that looks almost denim. It’s soft and beautifully faceted. I am currently using it in my Platinum Preppy Medium 05 fountain pen. It’s easy on the eyes and on Apica white paper it pops without having to constantly refocus my eyes because of the contrast. While I am not a fan of traditional blue (or black) inks, this blue is nice because of its dusty color. It’s definitely not boring and it’s not over the top or seasonal.


IMG_2424It’s a smooth ink and dries almost instantly. It’s not very thick and works well in even the finest of nibs.


In the bottle it’s deceptively dark! The bottles are plastic, but a sturdy plastic. They’re easily portable and the lid seals nicely so you can travel with it without worry that it will spill. The bottle I have pictured is a 50ml bottle, but they are also sold in 25ml bottles.


I buy my Chesterfield Ink at XFountain Pens at super affordable prices. The large bottle was only $5.99 and the smaller bottles are $3.99. XFountainPens offers FREE SHIPPING on orders OVER $15– that’s and awesome deal! They are run by a small five person operation in Pennsylvania, but I live on the coastal bend of south Texas and usually receive my orders in about 4 business days.





Happy Planner: Teacher Edition


I am always on the lookout for “the perfect planner”. Not just for personal use, but for our homeschool year, too. This planner is a disc system and is a standard size at 8.5″ x 11″. It begins in August and ends in July.


This is the first page in the planner. It has room for school info.


This is the way the weekly pages are set up. The subject tabs are located on the top with the days of the week along the right hand side. It’s bright and colorful and the paper is thick (and fountain pen friendly!)


The tabs are durable made out of a plastic, not laminated paper. Perfect for those of us that cram their planners in and out of bags.


Each monthly divider is decorated with a quote or inspirational phrase. I love how colorful and bright these planners are, yet they aren’t annoying.



At the very back of the planner is a “checklist” tab. Perfect for tracking projects, papers, and library books!


This is a sample of my homeschool plans. I am using the month of July from the Big Happy Planner until I can move into the Teacher Happy Planner in August. That’s one of the BEST features of the Happy Planner line: all of the disc systems are interchangeable! I can put my personal planner pages in my school planner so I don’t have to lug around two planners on our busy homeschool days!


This is the back of the planner. It’s simple and sleek. The printed covers are a sort of heavy cardstock with a plastic cover.

I am in love with the Happy Planner line! The disc system is one of my favorite systems because it takes away the annoying aspects of binders and spirals. Also, MAMBI makes a Happy Planner hole punch, so it’s super easy to make custom pages and inserts!

I hope you follow along with me this school year to see if this planner holds up to its reputation!


Conklin Glider Series Fountain Pen

The Glider Chase Design is the latest of the Conklin writing instruments. Embedded into the surface of the fountain pen is a fascinating decorative texture. Pens in the 1900s were mainly from black rubber. A process of “chasing” was used to add texture and design to the otherwise plain look of the writing instruments. Because chasing took great skill and time to achieve it made the pens more valuable. Chasing is also referred to as Guilloché, from the French word.

Pens today are mainly made from resins rather than rubber allowing for more colors. On the Conklin Glider Series fountain pen the Rick-Rack Chase Design was selected because the wavy “C” pattern reminiscent of the Conklin name.

The Conklin Glider fountain pens is available in a cartridge/converter filler mechanism.

Product Specifications
Length: 5.5 in.
Posted Length: 6.625 in.
Diameter: 0.563 in.
Weight: 0.9 oz.
Nib Material: Iridium
Fill Mechanism: Cartridge/Converter
Cartridge Type: Standard International

(Above quote taken from Pen Chalet)


My dad gave me this pen for my birthday from his personal collection. I fell in love with the ivory and the rose gold accent and while the black version of this pen came off as very masculine, the ivory and rose gold version seemed very feminine. Or, at least it wouldn’t look too much like a man’s pen if a woman were using it.

conklin box


It came packaged simply. It looks like it would be a heavy pen, but it’s actually a light pen with a wonderfully girthy body! The chasing makes it easier to write with for extended periods of time. Sometimes resin pens that are smooth become a hassle to use because my hand get sweaty.


This is a fine nib, but it in no way writes like one. I do not like fine nibs. For some reason, every fine nib I have used tends to be too scratchy. This fine nib writes like a medium and the ink flows extremely smooth! If I’m being honest, every ink I have used in this pen has shown qualities of shading that I had never seen in other pens I own. I don’t know if this is a standard feature, but the nib is a bit flexy. It’s not as stiff as some other pens, especially for a fine nib. I’m sure that’s why the ink in this pen becomes multifaceted.


My absolute favorite quality about this pen is the rose gold! It is a very classy touch against the ivory body!


conklin in box

This pen has quickly become one of my favorites! Even to the point where it finds its way into my EDC!