Happy Planner: Teacher Edition


I am always on the lookout for “the perfect planner”. Not just for personal use, but for our homeschool year, too. This planner is a disc system and is a standard size at 8.5″ x 11″. It begins in August and ends in July.


This is the first page in the planner. It has room for school info.


This is the way the weekly pages are set up. The subject tabs are located on the top with the days of the week along the right hand side. It’s bright and colorful and the paper is thick (and fountain pen friendly!)


The tabs are durable made out of a plastic, not laminated paper. Perfect for those of us that cram their planners in and out of bags.


Each monthly divider is decorated with a quote or inspirational phrase. I love how colorful and bright these planners are, yet they aren’t annoying.



At the very back of the planner is a “checklist” tab. Perfect for tracking projects, papers, and library books!


This is a sample of my homeschool plans. I am using the month of July from the Big Happy Planner until I can move into the Teacher Happy Planner in August. That’s one of the BEST features of the Happy Planner line: all of the disc systems are interchangeable! I can put my personal planner pages in my school planner so I don’t have to lug around two planners on our busy homeschool days!


This is the back of the planner. It’s simple and sleek. The printed covers are a sort of heavy cardstock with a plastic cover.

I am in love with the Happy Planner line! The disc system is one of my favorite systems because it takes away the annoying aspects of binders and spirals. Also, MAMBI makes a Happy Planner hole punch, so it’s super easy to make custom pages and inserts!

I hope you follow along with me this school year to see if this planner holds up to its reputation!


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