Chesterfield Antique Ink: Antique Mariner




I am in LOVE with the line of Chesterfield ink: Antique Ink. The color I am showing you today is Antique Mariner. It’s a delightfully light blue ink that looks almost denim. It’s soft and beautifully faceted. I am currently using it in my Platinum Preppy Medium 05 fountain pen. It’s easy on the eyes and on Apica white paper it pops without having to constantly refocus my eyes because of the contrast. While I am not a fan of traditional blue (or black) inks, this blue is nice because of its dusty color. It’s definitely not boring and it’s not over the top or seasonal.


IMG_2424It’s a smooth ink and dries almost instantly. It’s not very thick and works well in even the finest of nibs.


In the bottle it’s deceptively dark! The bottles are plastic, but a sturdy plastic. They’re easily portable and the lid seals nicely so you can travel with it without worry that it will spill. The bottle I have pictured is a 50ml bottle, but they are also sold in 25ml bottles.


I buy my Chesterfield Ink at XFountain Pens at super affordable prices. The large bottle was only $5.99 and the smaller bottles are $3.99. XFountainPens offers FREE SHIPPING on orders OVER $15– that’s and awesome deal! They are run by a small five person operation in Pennsylvania, but I live on the coastal bend of south Texas and usually receive my orders in about 4 business days.





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