TUL Custom Note Taking System


Office Depot has started carrying some disc systems for note taking and it’s the brand TUL. You might recognize the brand since not only is it a brand that they carry, but it’s an Office Depot exclusive.



The premium TUL Custom Note-Taking System will become an integral part of your business life. Add to it. Remove pages from it. Rearrange additional sheets, reports, business cards, anything that you have punched. With seemingly endless customization options, it is the professional notebook that will grow with your business.

It’s sleek, professional, and versatile. And that’s what I like about it! I’m a Happy Planner user and although I am relatively new to the brand, I absolutely love the disc system and how awesomely customizable everything is! However, I use a lot of paper for note taking and I don’t like to carry many notebooks with me as I travel, so I like to include everything in my planner. That’s where TUL paper comes in.


I chose the 8.5″ x 11″ size to fit in my Big Happy Planner and my Teacher’s Planner. TUL does offer the smaller sizes, but they aren’t quite the size of the standard Happy Planner, but the inserts will fit, minus a disc or two.




The TUL brand is a perfect match up with my Big Happy Planner! Pictured above are the tabbed dividers.


The tabbed dividers come with tab stickers.


The dot grid paper is perfect for fountain pen enthusiasts! It’s heavy and smooth, perfect for wet ink! Not only am I an avid note taker, but I predominantly use fountain pens to write with. And fountain pen friendly paper at a decent price is hard to come by. Well, TUL paper is roughly $4.99 per pack. What a steal!



I tried many different inks and there wasn’t any bleeding, feathering, or ghosting. Both fine and medium nibs ran smoothly over the paper.


The paper fits perfectly in the Happy Planner system. It’s professional, clean, and practical. It’s also a heavy duty paper, which is perfect for note takers and those of us that need to depend on a paper’s performance.

If you’ve got an Office Depot near you I highly recommend the TUL note taking system!


enjoy and happy scribbing!


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