Callifolio Ink: Teodora

Vanness PensIMG_2367

This ink has got to be my favorite ink of all time. It is beautiful, dries quickly, and was decently priced around ten dollars at the time of purchase from Vanness Pens.


I’m currently using the ink in a converted eye dropper pen I made using a Platinum Preppy with an 05 Medium Nib. The Preppy is one of my favorite “disposable” fountain pens– even over the Pilot Varsity!


The ink is rich and bold. It’s multifaceted and dries true to its color. I’m using it on white Apica paper, which is extremely fountain pen friendly.



L’Artisan Pastellier’s selection of Callifolio inks are suitable and safe for any type of pen, including vintage pens! They are water-based and have a balanced composition that guarantees perfect flow. They are non-toxic and non-corrosive and they are available in an original 40 ml triangular inkpot.

Callifolio inks are traditionally crafted and can be freely mixed and matched. They are characterised by moderate saturation and relatively bright colours and they are non-water-resistant. Why not create your own personal ink or adapt an existing ink to your taste?

(Taken from the Vanness Pens website)


I’m currently using both pen and ink in my EDC. I’ve had this bottle of ink since November/December and have to use it sparingly– I’m almost out! It’s a beautiful blend of blue and green resulting in a gorgeous jewel tone! If you’re looking for something different from the everyday blue or black ink, but don’t want to stray too far from the norm, Callifolio’s Teodora is a perfect compromise!

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