Happy Planner Fitness Edition Flip Through 


Happy Planner: Fitness Edition


Me And My Big Ideas (Create 365) released a Happy Planner Fitness Edition that was made available as a kit. It released in Michael’s Craft Stores today and with a 40% off coupon it was about twenty dollars and some change. Not a bad price point when compared to other fitness journals/trackers. Not to mention it’s a disc system and compatible with other disc systems such as the other Happy Planner lines and the TUL note taking system.


It’s bound with sturdy plastic rings with a cute heart cutout in the center. Some may or may not like things like this, but I really like small details like this!



Each tab is made of reinforced plastic and the kit comes with 12 month stickers so you can customize your planner depending on when you start. I had several fitness extension packs in my daily use Happy Planner that I went ahead and added them to my Fitness Planner for sake of fluidity.


Like other Happy Planners, the Fitness Planner has a “belongs to” page.


It has a customizable monthly spread.




The daily pages are also customizable and have sections to track meals, workouts, and water intake. The kit comes with awesome fitness inspiration stickers so you can bling out your planner. Something I LOVE to do!


Like the front, the back has a sturdy hard plastic cover. It’s perfect for stuffing in a gym bag or purse on the go!


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

Pens That Aren’t Fountain Pens That Are Awesome Pens


I love a good pen. While fountain pens usually fill that requisite, gel pens are right up there with wet ink! My favorite non fountain pens are Paper Mate Ink Joy gel and Pilot Juice. These pens are wonderful to write with– especially in planners and when marking in a bible!


Here I used the Pilot Juice to do some underlining and there’s no bleeding or ghosting!



See??!! Perfect on onionskin paper!


The Juice are currently in my EDC and are super comfy as well as reliable.



The Paper Mate Ink Joy gel pens are a big deal amongst the planner community. I can see why. The ink is rich and great for color coding your planner! It dries super fast and you don’t have to worry about messes!

Just wanted to share some lovelies that I have been using lately. Although they aren’t fountain pens, they are great tools!

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!