Noodler’s BERNing Red Ink






I tried this ink on three different papers: Kokuyo Campus paper, Apica Paper, and a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook. All three took the ink very well, however, some did better than others. I think it’s mostly because I am using a flexy nib and the ink comes out very fast and very wet.


This is the Leuchtturm paper. I think this paper did the best in terms of feathering and ghosting. Even the ink blot on the right didn’t bleed. Berning Red is a “lefty’s ink”, so it dries quickly.


The Apica paper (pictured above) did the worst. Lots and lots of feathering, which is surprising since Apica paper is generally a fountain pen friendly paper. I do not recommend this paper for this ink if you are using a medium nib or wider. At all. Unless you are using an ultra fine point pen, this paper is going to drink all your ink.


The last paper used was the Kokuyo Campus paper. This paper is smooth and glossy and handles wet inks really well. You can see some slight feathering on the beginning of the word “Kokuyo”, but as I continued writing the ink started to behave itself. It’s a really wet ink– even though it does dry fast.

Noodler’s is one of my favorite brands and I would highly recommend this ink! It’s a beautiful shade of red that doesn’t scream “wrong answer!”. It’s muted and bold at the same time I don’t see it becoming aggravating to read. If you’re a fan of reds or if you’re looking for a beautiful fall color, Berning Red would be the ink to use.

Here are some decent shots of the ink with my Conklin Glider pen:





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