Noodler’s Suffragist Carmine and a TWSBI Eco Lime Green


I recently purchased a bottle of Noodler’s “Suffragist Carmine” from Goulet Pens and a lime green TWSBI Eco directly from TWSBI. The bright pink ink looks rad in the TWSBI and although Goulet Pens said that the ink was “wet” in the description, it works really well in my M nib pen.




It’s bright. It’s loud. It’s not quite hyper-pink, but you could almost use it to highlight. I haven’t tried it yet and don’t know how it responds to a wider nib on basic paper. BUT it’s a fun ink and it’s a political ink. I happen to get a kick out of Noodler’s political inks– whether or not I’ll use it regularly or not is irrelevant. I do, however, find this color to be fun and uplifting.




It’s definitely watery, but like I said, on paper it performs well. I mostly use APICA and OCS paper.


If you’re looking for something fun, this pen and ink combo will definitely do the trick!


Noodler’s American Aristocracy

untitled(Image from

This is one of the most interesting Noodler’s inks I have purchased because it’s a bit of a gamble on the shading of American Aristocracy you will receive. I received the top right shade, and wouldn’t have minded the bottom color, but really didn’t want the top left because I already own several purple inks.


The shade I received isn’t quite red…


and it isn’t quite brown. It’s a fun shade of not quite “wine” and not quite “chestnut”.




The shading and color also depends on the type of paper you use. I tried writing on Leuchtturm1917 paper and Apica paper. Both have noticeable differences in shading and quality. The Apica paper feathers badly, which was surprising because this isn’t a wet ink.



Overall, Noodler’s American Aristocracy ink is a fun ink because it’s a gamble. While some might not like knowing the exact color they’re getting, it was a blast finding out what color I got. It’s a perfect fall/winter shade!