Noodler’s American Aristocracy

untitled(Image from

This is one of the most interesting Noodler’s inks I have purchased because it’s a bit of a gamble on the shading of American Aristocracy you will receive. I received the top right shade, and wouldn’t have minded the bottom color, but really didn’t want the top left because I already own several purple inks.


The shade I received isn’t quite red…


and it isn’t quite brown. It’s a fun shade of not quite “wine” and not quite “chestnut”.




The shading and color also depends on the type of paper you use. I tried writing on Leuchtturm1917 paper and Apica paper. Both have noticeable differences in shading and quality. The Apica paper feathers badly, which was surprising because this isn’t a wet ink.



Overall, Noodler’s American Aristocracy ink is a fun ink because it’s a gamble. While some might not like knowing the exact color they’re getting, it was a blast finding out what color I got. It’s a perfect fall/winter shade!


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