Happy Planner Deluxe Cover: Rose Gold


I have waited since this cover came out to buy it– because $34.99 is a bit steep and even with a 50% off coupon at Michael’s (which is an awesome place to buy HP gear!), I just couldn’t justify the purchase. Well, this weekend they had a 60% off ALL Happy Planner planners and accessories and it was the week after Christmas and I had some $$$ to buy myself “gifts”. So I did it. I bought the rose gold Happy Planner Deluxe cover. And I am SO glad I did!! I can reuse it, first of all, and it protects my planner, which will save me $$$ so I won’t have to buy replacement covers. The constant wear and tear and in and out of my purse beats up the cover of the Happy Planner and this deluxe cover will do wonders for protecting my planner. Not to mention it’s very professional looking!





It has plenty of room for papers, note pads, and accessories. I haven’t had a chance to take it anywhere yet, so I can’t tell you anything about its portability, BUT, if you have a decent sized purse or workbag, it’s not annoyingly big. It definitely fits well in a backpack. I like that only the back cover is inserted into the cover leaving the front inside cover open for papers. I tend to collect a lot of “hand outs” and instead of keeping them in my purse or stuffing them in my planner willy-nilly I can neatly store the ones I need in my cover. I am so glad MAMBI chose to make these for the HP line. Don’t get me wrong, the HP covers are nice and not all of them are cutesy, but this really helps one to maintain a professional appearance while still utilizing all the great things the Happy Planner has to offer.


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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