HP Weekly Spread: Jan 2-Jan 8


This week’s spread is hectic for still being on vacation!! We’re getting ready to go on vacation next week, so this week is full of preparation. My monthly spread (pictured above) looks busier than what it really is since I messed up my bible reading plan and I had to cleverly cover it up with a black marker and a white Gelly Roll pen.




I am really enjoying these blank daily sheets! It makes it so much easier to work through my day with a checklist than just using the space for the day in HP weekly calendar page. I can take notes, jot down reminders, and even plan my day by the hour– something I don’t normally do or stick to, but it’s great for appointments!



I’m using one of the large sticker packs for my spreads. It’s pretty much a prepared sticker layout for the week that gives me the freedom to place where I want but it’s not overwhelming either. In fact, it’s extremely functional!


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing (and planning)!


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