Yours Truly

Hello! My name is Elle. I live in South Texas and although I prefer snow, sleet, rain, and seasons, I live a life filled to the brim with family, sun, hobbies, and church! I have a “thing” for office and school supplies left over from my high school and college years. It has translated into an obsession in my adult life and I blog about it mostly here on my site! I blog about other things: books, the bible, my kiddos, thoughts n things, but mostly pens, paper, and pencils. Or, what I like to call, scribs & nibs. Since I’m a stay at home mom (and we homeschool!), my pen perspective leans towards the domestic function of fountain pens. Happy Scribbing!

You can follow me on Instagram: dutchessoftexas (Elle Ibanez) where I post many more pictures of awesome office supplies, hobbies, interests, thoughts, and opinions!

Enjoy! and Happy Scribbing!


3 thoughts on “Yours Truly

  1. Doug says:

    Hi Ellie,
    I assume that you know that the daily journal is from the RU ministry. I am involved in that ministry as a volunteer assistant. My question is have you seem a revealing of needed change from a perhaps even a hidden addition in your life as the material (if you are also doing the books) will stretch you and reveal (as God revealing) problematic areas in our lives.
    Thank you,


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