Uni-ball Signo Ultra Micro 207

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I received a comment the other day about the Uni-Ball Signo RT1 0.38mm and they asked if I was able to find them someplace other than JetPens.com. I hadn’t thought about it, but realized that aside from JetPens, they weren’t available in the US at big box retailers. HOWEVER. I was able to find the US equivalent: the Uni-Ball Signo Micro 207 0.38mm. It’s the exact same pen, only not as aesthetically pleasing. The ink is the same and so is the tip.

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I picked up a pack of four at Office Depot for a cool five dollars. If you are looking for the same performance and don’t really care about the look of the pen (I don’t really like it) it’s a great EDC addition. The JetPens version is a bit sturdier. The plastic isn’t as flimsy as the US release. The US version is clunky, made of thin plastic, and I don’t like the way the grip feels in my hand after a long session of note taking. But, like I said, if you are looking for the exact same performance, this is the pen.

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I use these pens for marking and note taking in my bible. I need a super fine tip that can mark small but is still legible and one that won’t bleed through the onion skin pages. The ink dries quickly, so even lefties will appreciate it. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the JetPens RT1 or you just want it TODAY and not in a few, I suggest swinging by your local big box and picking up a pack (or two).

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

Pens That Aren’t Fountain Pens That Are Awesome Pens


I love a good pen. While fountain pens usually fill that requisite, gel pens are right up there with wet ink! My favorite non fountain pens are Paper Mate Ink Joy gel and Pilot Juice. These pens are wonderful to write with– especially in planners and when marking in a bible!


Here I used the Pilot Juice to do some underlining and there’s no bleeding or ghosting!



See??!! Perfect on onionskin paper!


The Juice are currently in my EDC and are super comfy as well as reliable.



The Paper Mate Ink Joy gel pens are a big deal amongst the planner community. I can see why. The ink is rich and great for color coding your planner! It dries super fast and you don’t have to worry about messes!

Just wanted to share some lovelies that I have been using lately. Although they aren’t fountain pens, they are great tools!

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

New Thing for My Journaling Bible 

While I wait for paint to dry, I’ll share this new thing I picked up from Mardel for my journaling bible.

Lots and lots of paint.Gelatos, watercolor, and acrylic are covering this page and I am patiently waiting for all of that to dry. 

 Here are some clip flags I picked up at Mardel specifically for my journaling bible because there are so many important scriptures I want to mark! I’m also doing several bible studies and these will help me locate them quickly. 

They’re made of durable card stock and the bottom half has a plastic coating. Which is great because I need durability. Even though it seems like I am tearing this bible to shreds, I really do actively study with this particular one. 


It boasts a no smear feature that I can’t wait to see if it holds true. Right now I’m using decorative clips to mark pages. I can’t wait to add some practicality.  


See? Very frilly.
Enjoy and Happy Scribbing! 

ProMarx UltraFine Signature Pen


Every once in a while the dollar store (aka “The Tree”) will have an awesome office supply product that out performs its price. Such is the case with the ProMarx Ultrafine signature pen in 0.5mm. I picked these up because I was too poor to buy the Pigma Micron markers and I really needed a pen for note taking. However. I discovered that Michael’s sells Pigma Micron markers in SINGLES for less than two dollars, so I ended up picking up a single 005 pen and the ProMarx pack got stashed in my surplus drawer.

Until today.


I was curious how this guy writes. I mean, I would only be out a buck if it turned out to be garbage. What could I possibly lose?? Or more importantly– what could I possibly gain?


Turns out, I gained three pretty awesome fine liners for cheap. They dry fast, write smoothly, feel great in the hand (despite the obviously cheap plastic body), and work well with both gel highlighters and standard marker highlighters. My biggest question was: does it write on onion skin paper?


YES! Yes it does! Quite well, as a matter of fact. Just as well as the Micron Pigma. For an easy buck, this three pack of 0.5mm Ultrafine markers are definitely going to be in my go-to tools for note taking, journaling, and bible study. If you have a Dollar Tree near you, I highly recommend “splurging” and picking up a pack!

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


Highlighter Fountain Pens


Using several Platinum Preppy fountain pens and a Pilot Kakuno with a Plumix italic nib, I am using these pens as highlighters for bible study. The fountain pen nib is smaller and more precise for underlining rather than highlighting the entire word.


I am using Platinum highlighter refill ink cartridges made for the Platinum highlighter pens. The cartridges fit the Platinum Preppy pen and the highlighter ink doesn’t clog the nib or feed.


I am using the Pilot Plumix italic nib (right) in my Pilot Kakuno fountain pen with Noodler’s St. Patty’s Eire green highlighting ink. I filled an old pilot cartridge using a syringe. The nib is PERFECT for both highlighting words and underlining. The ink is subtle.


You can see the difference between the Noodler’s ink (green) and the Platinum ink (orange). The Platinum ink is extremely fluorescent! While the Noodler’s highlighter ink is bright, it is subdued and not so neon.


The pink Platinum ink is also very fluorescent, but isn’t quite as bright as the orange. I am using the pink ink in a medium 05 Platinum Preppy fountain pen and the orange pen is in a Platinum Preppy limited edition Hello Kitty fountain pen with a fine nib. I really, REALLY like the fine nib for highlighting, but I prefer the medium nib for general writing. Overall, the Platinum Preppy fountain pen line is my favorite student line of fountain pens. Even more so than the Pilot Varsity fountain pens.


Here you can see the difference in the nib size compared to the finer nibs in the Platinum Preppy pens. The italic nib is a lot broader and can easily be used to cover entire words and not just underlining. If I used the Preppy pens for highlighting entire words it would look more like strikethrough than highlighting.


If you have never considered using fountain pens for highlighting, I highly recommend it! I prefer the precise lines of the fountain pen to the broader coverage of traditional and even gel highlighters. If you’re wondering if the ink bleeds through the onion skin paper– it doesn’t!! When I first wrote about my Noodler’s highlighter ink, it did bleed through, but that was because I pressed down too hard. If applying light pressure (like you would normally write) the ink doesn’t feather, bleed, or ghost. It’s also neater and more organized to look at! I bought my Platinum preppy and highlighter refill cartridges on JetPens.com for next to nothing! Under five bucks and you have yourself and awesome fountain pen and a potential highlighter!


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

COPIC Drawing Pen


I picked up a COPIC drawing pen when I was in Austin a few months back. My husband and I popped off at Jerry’s Artarama and found some goodies. This pen being one of them.


It’s filled with black ink and the nib is surprisingly soft. I was expecting a scratchy, skipping performance, but it writes smoothly. Although it’s a “drawing pen” I don’t plan on using it for its intended purpose. It’s a quality writing pen. The only down side is that you can’t hack it. At least not that I know of, but I plan on taking the pen apart when the ink runs out.



I think the only disappointing thing about this pen is that it only came in black ink. I haven’t researched it enough to know if it’s available in any other color, but the store where I purchased it only sold black. Some other colors would be great! Maybe I can hack it…

Study Materials


2 Timothy 2: 15 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”


There are lots (and lots!) of great study materials out there. Just go to JetPens.com and see what I mean– LOTS! But when I read and study my bible there are only a few things that have really made it to my “must have with me all the time when I study” list. And these are it. My bare necessities for bible study. Micron Pigma pens. I bought this one in a five pack priced at $19.99, but I used a 40% off coupon. JetPens sells a five pack for roughly $13.50. The set I bought had one “01” tip and five “05” tips. The number references the size of the tip. 01 is .25mm and 05 is .45mm. They are great for note taking and underlining in your bible (and on other books and documents). They don’t bleed and the ink is archival. It’s also waterproof and fade proof.


Here you can see the difference in the size of the pen tips. The tip on the left is the 01 and the one on the right is the 05. HUGE difference, right?! And it makes a huge difference in one’s note taking as well!


I also use dry highlighters when I study my bible. Not only are dry highlighters excellent for using on onionskin paper, they’re great for highlighting in just about every other book you can imagine. They don’t bleed, smear, feather, smudge, or dry out. They work wonders over wet ink!! I bought these on JetPens.com as well. I did buy them separately, but JetPens offers them in packs.


Smooth and clear highlighting!


And of course, a bookmark. This is actually a card that I am using as a bookmark. It’s made of super heavy cardstock. Plus, it’s Green Lantern.


Inside I wrote some KJV study helps. The “thee, thy, thou’s” confuse me sometimes, so I wrote them down for easy reference.

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

A Gift From turnfromyouridols.com


A brother in Christ sent me this mug earlier in the week along with a healthy stack of gospel tracts. I watch his videos on YouTube and follow his blog. You can, too if you just click here. In his videos you can see that he is drinking coffee from a mug like this one in pretty much every single one of his videos. It’s awesome and has a great message!





I was using it the other morning while burning testimony cd’s for Reformers Unanimous and doing my daily journal. I highly recommend watching Brian Moonan’s videos. They’re scripturally sound and what was most important to me was that he uses the KJV and only the KJV. Here’s the link for Brian Moonan’s YouTube channel.




Just in case…


I now have two cases. The one on the right is the  Lihit Lab Teffa Bag in Bag – A5 – Black that I bought on JetPens.com in the Travelers Set. It included a trio of Word. Notebooks the Adventure Log and a pretty nifty Pilot Down Force ballpoint pen. The deciding factor on the this set was a comment/review from someone that previously purchased the Teffa bag and used it as a bible bag for her purse. The bible I keep in my purse takes a beating and this was something I knew I had to have!


It holds my KJV slim, a Word. Adventure Log notebook, two pens, several Reformers Unanimous Gospel tracts,


and a Japanese Life Vermilion B6 notebook (graph) for note taking on the go.

IMG_0105 (1)

It’s very thin and slides neatly into my purse for easy access while protecting my goods.



This case I bought earlier in the week for the same purpose: housing my bible and other goods in my purse to prevent damage. It turns out it makes a PERFECT bag for when I go soul winning or for church. I carries markers, pens, a ruler, gospel tracts, a notebook (standard size), and my KJV large print bible.




The case even has a handle for easy porting. It’s made of durable material and doesn’t load me down. I found it at Mardel for $19.99, but I used a 20% coupon.

If you’re like me and you stuff your purse with books and other important papers, finding a bag insert is a must! Stay protected, stay organized!

Happy Scribbing!