Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits: by David Wong


You want to know what really irritates me? Book reviews. You know what really, REALLY irritates me? Amazon book reviews. I bought my tree copy of Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits at a book store, but I bought the audio copy on Audible.com. The reviews made this book sound dreadful, boring, and rambling, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I feel bad for authors that write a decent series and then branch out and write a stand alone book. Like Ernest Cline (although Ready Player One wasn’t a series, people expected Armada to be a part of that universe…), J K Rowling (who writes as a man in her adult mysteries), or David Wong (who wrote John Dies at the End and the follow up novel This Book is Full of Spiders). This book is actually a good book and while you can tell Wong wrote it, it’s nothing like JDatE, which is a good thing. Really.



He writes from a woman’s POV, and I admire authors that write from the perspective of the opposite gender and that do it well. Wally Lamb did an excellent job in She’s Come Undone. Wong really masters it in FVaFS. He’s also funny, creative, techy, off the wall in a way that only Wong can get away with, and his story flows smoothly even with heavy plot and dialogue. Some reviews claimed that the main character got lost in all of this, but I think that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Any self respecting nerd, geek, robot, person deserves to read  this book. Sit back, brew some coffee (you’ll get it if you read it…) and enjoy a book written for the senses. Think of it as a nerdy, watered down Bleeding Edge (by Pynchon).


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Illustrated Edition


I was asleep at the wheel and living under a rock when this was announced. The illustrated Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Philosopher’s depending on your region…)!!! I consider myself a decent Harry Potter nerd. I don’t write fanfic or anything, but I own plenty of Potter paraphernalia and have on more than one occasion wished myself to be in Hogwarts or  Hogsmeade. I can’t believe I didn’t know this was a thing!

IMG_0100This GORGEOUS book is the complete novel, but it’s beautifully illustrated.

IMG_0101Nearly Headless Nick

IMG_0102Back cover. Complete with owls.

IMG_0103 (2)I bought this at Half Price Books today for just a bit over thirty bucks. Not a bad deal for hardcover and ultra glossy illustrated pages. This would make a GREAT Christmas gift for any Harry Potter fan!

Enjoy! ❤

Books for a Season…


Every Sunday between morning and evening church service I like to head over to Half Price Books and browse. It’s my time away to collect myself as a person and to be an effective parent for the week ahead. I leave the kiddos with my husband and spend an hour or so sifting though the many volumes, paperbacks, and the discarded. Reading is something I adore. I don’t think I would be a whole person if I couldn’t read. There’s something about the written word that is just… magical.

On an end cap by the science fiction and fantasy books was a strange find: “A Celebration of the Age of Paper: An Elegy” written by Ian Sansom. Sometimes books shout from their shelves and this book was definitely screaming at me. So, I bought it.


As a fan of ink and paper, this book is going to be a joy to read during the upcoming weeks. Fall and winter are my “read all the books” seasons, so I am very excited to add this one to the line up!

IMG_0026Inside jacket.

IMG_0027Back cover.

IMG_0028And then I picked up David Wong’s new book “Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits”. I didn’t think I would find this at Half Price Books, yet there it was, nestled in with old copies of Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. For whatever reason I don’t care about because I FOUND IT! Of course Half Price gives a price cut and although I can buy this on my Kindle, some books are worth owning as tree books. If you haven’t read David Wong’s other books: “John Dies at the End” (movie was mild garbage, book was WAYYYY better) and “This Book is Full of Spiders”, I suggest you get on it! Any self respecting nerd deserves to read them for the betterment of nerdkind. They’re up there with “Ready Player One”. No, really.

IMG_0029Back cover is a bionic one finger salute.