TUL Custom Note Taking System


Office Depot has started carrying some disc systems for note taking and it’s the brand TUL. You might recognize the brand since not only is it a brand that they carry, but it’s an Office Depot exclusive.



The premium TUL Custom Note-Taking System will become an integral part of your business life. Add to it. Remove pages from it. Rearrange additional sheets, reports, business cards, anything that you have punched. With seemingly endless customization options, it is the professional notebook that will grow with your business.

It’s sleek, professional, and versatile. And that’s what I like about it! I’m a Happy Planner user and although I am relatively new to the brand, I absolutely love the disc system and how awesomely customizable everything is! However, I use a lot of paper for note taking and I don’t like to carry many notebooks with me as I travel, so I like to include everything in my planner. That’s where TUL paper comes in.


I chose the 8.5″ x 11″ size to fit in my Big Happy Planner and my Teacher’s Planner. TUL does offer the smaller sizes, but they aren’t quite the size of the standard Happy Planner, but the inserts will fit, minus a disc or two.




The TUL brand is a perfect match up with my Big Happy Planner! Pictured above are the tabbed dividers.


The tabbed dividers come with tab stickers.


The dot grid paper is perfect for fountain pen enthusiasts! It’s heavy and smooth, perfect for wet ink! Not only am I an avid note taker, but I predominantly use fountain pens to write with. And fountain pen friendly paper at a decent price is hard to come by. Well, TUL paper is roughly $4.99 per pack. What a steal!



I tried many different inks and there wasn’t any bleeding, feathering, or ghosting. Both fine and medium nibs ran smoothly over the paper.


The paper fits perfectly in the Happy Planner system. It’s professional, clean, and practical. It’s also a heavy duty paper, which is perfect for note takers and those of us that need to depend on a paper’s performance.

If you’ve got an Office Depot near you I highly recommend the TUL note taking system!


enjoy and happy scribbing!

Happy Planner: Teacher Edition


I am always on the lookout for “the perfect planner”. Not just for personal use, but for our homeschool year, too. This planner is a disc system and is a standard size at 8.5″ x 11″. It begins in August and ends in July.


This is the first page in the planner. It has room for school info.


This is the way the weekly pages are set up. The subject tabs are located on the top with the days of the week along the right hand side. It’s bright and colorful and the paper is thick (and fountain pen friendly!)


The tabs are durable made out of a plastic, not laminated paper. Perfect for those of us that cram their planners in and out of bags.


Each monthly divider is decorated with a quote or inspirational phrase. I love how colorful and bright these planners are, yet they aren’t annoying.



At the very back of the planner is a “checklist” tab. Perfect for tracking projects, papers, and library books!


This is a sample of my homeschool plans. I am using the month of July from the Big Happy Planner until I can move into the Teacher Happy Planner in August. That’s one of the BEST features of the Happy Planner line: all of the disc systems are interchangeable! I can put my personal planner pages in my school planner so I don’t have to lug around two planners on our busy homeschool days!


This is the back of the planner. It’s simple and sleek. The printed covers are a sort of heavy cardstock with a plastic cover.

I am in love with the Happy Planner line! The disc system is one of my favorite systems because it takes away the annoying aspects of binders and spirals. Also, MAMBI makes a Happy Planner hole punch, so it’s super easy to make custom pages and inserts!

I hope you follow along with me this school year to see if this planner holds up to its reputation!


New Thing for My Journaling Bible 

While I wait for paint to dry, I’ll share this new thing I picked up from Mardel for my journaling bible.

Lots and lots of paint.Gelatos, watercolor, and acrylic are covering this page and I am patiently waiting for all of that to dry. 

 Here are some clip flags I picked up at Mardel specifically for my journaling bible because there are so many important scriptures I want to mark! I’m also doing several bible studies and these will help me locate them quickly. 

They’re made of durable card stock and the bottom half has a plastic coating. Which is great because I need durability. Even though it seems like I am tearing this bible to shreds, I really do actively study with this particular one. 


It boasts a no smear feature that I can’t wait to see if it holds true. Right now I’m using decorative clips to mark pages. I can’t wait to add some practicality.  


See? Very frilly.
Enjoy and Happy Scribbing! 

Field Notes: Snowblind


My Snowblind three pack came in today!! This is my first Field Notes order from their website and first limited edition purchase. I’ve bought their products from shops, but never a limited run of something. I’m pretty stoked about this!


Here they are turning blue in the sunlight. They used a photochromic ink to make them magic. PHOTOCHROMIC ink changes color when exposed to a specific range of ultraviolet light. The ink appears colorless indoors, but changes to blue in about 15 seconds when exposed to a strong UV source like mid-day sunlight. The color fades away in a few minutes when removed from the UV source. The change is not permanent, and can be repeated.

On their website it says that they took a hit to their profit margin, so buy a few packs to show your support. (I know you will, but it doesn’t hurt to throw it out there…)

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

Back from Vacation!

We just came back from Austin, Texas where we spent the last week visiting my parents. Although we didn’t get any “down time”, we did have a blast and came back refreshed and ready for these last few weeks before the holidays! I also picked up tons of goodies to share in upcoming posts!

We spent Tuesday afternoon in downtown Austin on Lamar and hit up our favorite stationary store, The Paper Place. This shop is home to pens, pencils, paper, and lots of great novelty items! Next door to that is Central Market, a Whole Foods type joint that has a DELICIOUS restaurant/café attached to it and that’s where we ate lunch. Thursday night I got to see a favorite author, Mark Z Danielewski read from his new book The Familiar 2 over at another favorite place: BookPeople. Which is pretty cool because it’s an independent book seller.

Now that I’m back home I have some time to relax before getting back into the habit of life. While in Austin I picked up an “adult coloring book”. At first I thought they were silly, but after coloring in it for a few days, I have to say that it really is relaxing!!!

WP_20151107_002I’m using Prismacolor Verithins for a lot of the pictures. The guy at Michael’s that sold them to me was pretty snooty about them (“Nobody buys verithins…”), but I really like them for coloring.

WP_20151107_004 1I’m also using Stabilo fineliners and Crayola twistables!

WP_20151107_005The book I’m coloring is “Lost Ocean” by Johanna Basford. Lots of underwater critters and hidden pictures, which is why I bought this book. I like to find stuff.


I was a huge hater of the coloring thing, but I find that it really does release stress and soothes me. It’s something I think I’m going to do at night before I go to bed.

A (not so) Simple Plan


Tonight I am (re)planning our homeschool year up until Christmas break. I say “(re)plan” because I had the fall term all planned out and decided to change my son’s curriculum a bit and now I have to update my planner. I know I should be excited about doing planner stuff, but homeschool planning is no fun for me. It really is work!

IMG_0088I use “A Simple Plan Planner for the Homeschooling Family.” This planner really is simple. It breaks down the things that need to be broken down and its usability is flawless. It’s especially great for large homeschooling families. That being said, it super sucks when I have to go and whiteout a month and a half of planning because I’m the genius that decides to switch curriculum a third of the way into our academic year. Le sigh.

IMG_0093Tonight I come prepared: whiteout, Pilot Frixion pen and markers, metal ruler, and a planner stencil. Time to get to work!

IMG_0090Honestly, my monthly pages aren’t bad and I didn’t have to make any adjustments. I don’t really use the calendar feature because I use that feature in my main planner.

IMG_0089In the sections that plan out supplies, reading lists, special activities, and things to accomplish, there wasn’t a need to adjust, either. Once again, I mostly write those items in my personal planner.

IMG_0086Here we go. I have about eight of these pages to whiteout and then re-write assignments and lesson plans. YIPPEE!


IMG_0095These guys are going to be my best friends tonight. I thought about painting some primer over all the pages that needed adjustment. It would be faster, but my common sense finally caught up with the rest of me and I decided I should stick to good ol’ fashioned white out.

IMG_0094LESSON LEARNED: USE ERASABLE THINGS TO FIX/ADJUST/MAKE CORRECTIONS. I mean, duh, right? I am using the Frixion markers for color coding assignments and the Frixion pen for details and notes.

Work smarter, not harder, right?

Happy Scribbing!



I rearranged my workspace today. It was getting to be to where I couldn’t do any work on my desk! So, I moved the mess behind me!

IMG_1115All of this used to be in front of me! Distracting AND a big mess. Well, it looks like a big mess. I actually have a system, but it doesn’t work properly on a shared space.

IMG_1118And then I used clothespins with tacks glued to the backs to display my kids’ art, reminders, souvenirs, etc. It’s one big collage.

I don’t think I’ll keep it like this for good. I really do need to take some time to simplify. I moved my husband’s work space into my space so he had room to work from home. It’s nice to have him around, but I have half the space! Time to invest in plastic bins and a label maker!