Coloring Craze!


I have recently found myself getting into the habit of coloring. It’s relaxing, mostly easy, and stress relieving! I have Lost Ocean and another water-y type coloring book, but I received some Christian devotional coloring books from Barnes and Noble that are really nice! “Color the Psalms”, “Beside Still Waters”, and “O, Holy Night- A Christmas meditative coloring book”. They don’t all use the KJV, but I haven’t found any that do, so I am taking what I can get.

Today I want to show you the tools I am using to color. It’s a great assortment and most are relatively inexpensive, and if you have kids you may already have them lying around the house!


Prismacolor Verithin colored pencils are great for tracing, outlining, and shading. They are on the low end of the Prisma-pricing at about $34.99 at Michael’s. The person that bought these used a 50% off coupon that was on the top of a recent receipt.


Staedtler TriPlus fineliner porous point pens– extremely useful for those teeny tiny sections of adult coloring books. They work really well for highlighting and shading! These aren’t too expensive. Once again, they were purchased at Michael’s using a 40% off coupon. They sell for about $18.99.



Basic Crayloa markers (thin). Good ‘ol Crayola brand is still one of my favorite brands to use for coloring, doodling, and journaling!



Crayloa Twistables colored pencils are perfect for adult coloring books! The color is rich, even, and easy to blend! The Crayola twistable line is one of my favorite product lines from them.



This bag here is full of more twistables plus Stabilo fineliner markers, glitter pens, Sharpie pens, and Gelly Roll metallic pens.


I highly urge you to try this adult coloring book thing. It has really helped me with stress, anger, sleeplessness, and boredom. Coloring books are typically priced from $6-$20. Most pages are single sided so you can easily tear them out and even frame them!

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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