Mom Life Planner: Glimpse at Next Week

I’ve got a super busy February through April with two kids having surgery and a baby due at the end of April. Yikes!!! My mom life planner is really helping me keep my house in order because my brain is frazzled most days. Between homeschool, kid activities, ministry work, and keeping up with my pregnancy, this planner is a MUST!

I use Happy Planner list inserts to track my household budget for the month. (that’s why it’s censored) 

I can easily move the lists back and forth between my planners for convenience.

Right now my spread is mostly blank, but come Sunday/Monday it will be full up of reminders, encouragement, and activities!
Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

Happy Planner: Mom Life 

Here is this week’s spread in my mom life planner. We are in our first week of Spring Term and are busy busy busy!

I use my mom life planner to keep up with my kids and house. I also use it to meal plan and jot down notes and reminders for dr appointments and school ideas.

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

Happy Planner: Teacher Edition

I’m back from a nice (long) vacation and my first priority was to get my teaching plans done before our Spring term begins on Tuesday. Here’s a snapshot of my Happy Planner. I don’t think this planner would work if you had more than two or three kids in school at a time because it’s not multi-grade friendly. Of course, this planner is made for teachers in the school system, not homeschool. But, that being said, it’s really working for me right now because I only teach two and they do four out of seven subjects together. 

I’ll be posting more of it’s functionality later. Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

MAMBI Pencil Case


I recently picked up the MAMBI 365 Pencil Case during the big planner/accessories sale at Michaels. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but since buying it I have really begun to appreciate how much it can hold and how easily I can carry it around with me!


It’s made of durable canvas and it has a large zipper– something you’ll need if you cart around as much as I do.


And I especially like the handle!



It has an elastic inside pocket (that perfectly holds a Clarefontaine notebook!) and an inside piece that holds pens individually with elastic loops.




I use this case to randomly throw in pens, markers, highlighters, and pencils that I use a lot and want to keep nearby. You can also use it to hold small notebooks, sticker sheets, scissors, school supplies, and journaling materials. There really is no limit to its function.


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


HP Weekly Spread: Jan 2-Jan 8


This week’s spread is hectic for still being on vacation!! We’re getting ready to go on vacation next week, so this week is full of preparation. My monthly spread (pictured above) looks busier than what it really is since I messed up my bible reading plan and I had to cleverly cover it up with a black marker and a white Gelly Roll pen.




I am really enjoying these blank daily sheets! It makes it so much easier to work through my day with a checklist than just using the space for the day in HP weekly calendar page. I can take notes, jot down reminders, and even plan my day by the hour– something I don’t normally do or stick to, but it’s great for appointments!



I’m using one of the large sticker packs for my spreads. It’s pretty much a prepared sticker layout for the week that gives me the freedom to place where I want but it’s not overwhelming either. In fact, it’s extremely functional!


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing (and planning)!


Happy Planner Deluxe Cover: Rose Gold


I have waited since this cover came out to buy it– because $34.99 is a bit steep and even with a 50% off coupon at Michael’s (which is an awesome place to buy HP gear!), I just couldn’t justify the purchase. Well, this weekend they had a 60% off ALL Happy Planner planners and accessories and it was the week after Christmas and I had some $$$ to buy myself “gifts”. So I did it. I bought the rose gold Happy Planner Deluxe cover. And I am SO glad I did!! I can reuse it, first of all, and it protects my planner, which will save me $$$ so I won’t have to buy replacement covers. The constant wear and tear and in and out of my purse beats up the cover of the Happy Planner and this deluxe cover will do wonders for protecting my planner. Not to mention it’s very professional looking!





It has plenty of room for papers, note pads, and accessories. I haven’t had a chance to take it anywhere yet, so I can’t tell you anything about its portability, BUT, if you have a decent sized purse or workbag, it’s not annoyingly big. It definitely fits well in a backpack. I like that only the back cover is inserted into the cover leaving the front inside cover open for papers. I tend to collect a lot of “hand outs” and instead of keeping them in my purse or stuffing them in my planner willy-nilly I can neatly store the ones I need in my cover. I am so glad MAMBI chose to make these for the HP line. Don’t get me wrong, the HP covers are nice and not all of them are cutesy, but this really helps one to maintain a professional appearance while still utilizing all the great things the Happy Planner has to offer.


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


Plan All the Things in 2017


This year I am using the Me And My Big Ideas  “Happy Planner” disc system for all my planner needs. I have, in fact, embraced the discs!


I am using two Two TWO planners this year: the one on the left is my “mom life planner” and the one on the right is my daily planner. I homeschool, so the mom life planner is going to be the home of homeschool plans, daily tasks that involve household management, and tracking my kids’ comings and goings. The daily planner is a place for my brain dumps, appointments, commitments, and the one I take with me when I leave the house.


Both are disc bound planners, but my mom life planner has the standard discs and my daily planner has been upgraded to bigger discs since I am going to be using this one the most- especially for note taking during our ministry work, church meetings, and services.

Here is my “mom life” planner:


I made my own dividers for bible study using the Happy Planner paper punch and some bright, fun card stock and a tab punch and letter stickers.


This one has standard size rings and is a horizontal planner… not my preference, but it works well with what I’m using it for. There’s plenty of room for brain dumping— a much needed feature for my mom life!

Here is a quick glimpse of my daily planner:


This one I added larger rings and it’s more colorful since I spend more time in it. I have more accessories and add-ins as well.


My daily planner also features a daily checklist paper that allows me to keep a healthy flow of my day and keep track of tasks. I absolutely LOVE these add-ins! They have proved to be the most functional!


Here is the other side of my weekly spread. Again, it’s over the top decorated with stickers and washi tape. It makes having a busy week a lot more fun when my business looks pretty!


My daily planner contains the same bible study tabs as my mom life planner just because I take this planner everywhere and since the paper is easily transferable to either planner, I can move it from one to the other. The removable paper is what sealed the deal with the Happy Planner!!! Plus I don’t have to constantly open and close metal binder rings!


And finally, my dashboard for my daily planner. It’s inspiring and accessible. Filled with sticky notes, tabbed list inserts, and a folder full of fun colorful stickers, this planner is ready for whatever 2017 throws at it!


I will try to post consistently my experience with the Happy Planner. This is going to be the first year I am exclusively using the HP. Happy New Year and Happy Scribbing!

Noodler’s Suffragist Carmine and a TWSBI Eco Lime Green


I recently purchased a bottle of Noodler’s “Suffragist Carmine” from Goulet Pens and a lime green TWSBI Eco directly from TWSBI. The bright pink ink looks rad in the TWSBI and although Goulet Pens said that the ink was “wet” in the description, it works really well in my M nib pen.




It’s bright. It’s loud. It’s not quite hyper-pink, but you could almost use it to highlight. I haven’t tried it yet and don’t know how it responds to a wider nib on basic paper. BUT it’s a fun ink and it’s a political ink. I happen to get a kick out of Noodler’s political inks– whether or not I’ll use it regularly or not is irrelevant. I do, however, find this color to be fun and uplifting.




It’s definitely watery, but like I said, on paper it performs well. I mostly use APICA and OCS paper.


If you’re looking for something fun, this pen and ink combo will definitely do the trick!


Noodler’s American Aristocracy

untitled(Image from

This is one of the most interesting Noodler’s inks I have purchased because it’s a bit of a gamble on the shading of American Aristocracy you will receive. I received the top right shade, and wouldn’t have minded the bottom color, but really didn’t want the top left because I already own several purple inks.


The shade I received isn’t quite red…


and it isn’t quite brown. It’s a fun shade of not quite “wine” and not quite “chestnut”.




The shading and color also depends on the type of paper you use. I tried writing on Leuchtturm1917 paper and Apica paper. Both have noticeable differences in shading and quality. The Apica paper feathers badly, which was surprising because this isn’t a wet ink.



Overall, Noodler’s American Aristocracy ink is a fun ink because it’s a gamble. While some might not like knowing the exact color they’re getting, it was a blast finding out what color I got. It’s a perfect fall/winter shade!