New Thing for My Journaling Bible 

While I wait for paint to dry, I’ll share this new thing I picked up from Mardel for my journaling bible.

Lots and lots of paint.Gelatos, watercolor, and acrylic are covering this page and I am patiently waiting for all of that to dry. 

 Here are some clip flags I picked up at Mardel specifically for my journaling bible because there are so many important scriptures I want to mark! I’m also doing several bible studies and these will help me locate them quickly. 

They’re made of durable card stock and the bottom half has a plastic coating. Which is great because I need durability. Even though it seems like I am tearing this bible to shreds, I really do actively study with this particular one. 


It boasts a no smear feature that I can’t wait to see if it holds true. Right now I’m using decorative clips to mark pages. I can’t wait to add some practicality.  


See? Very frilly.
Enjoy and Happy Scribbing! 


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