Highlighter Fountain Pens


Using several Platinum Preppy fountain pens and a Pilot Kakuno with a Plumix italic nib, I am using these pens as highlighters for bible study. The fountain pen nib is smaller and more precise for underlining rather than highlighting the entire word.


I am using Platinum highlighter refill ink cartridges made for the Platinum highlighter pens. The cartridges fit the Platinum Preppy pen and the highlighter ink doesn’t clog the nib or feed.


I am using the Pilot Plumix italic nib (right) in my Pilot Kakuno fountain pen with Noodler’s St. Patty’s Eire green highlighting ink. I filled an old pilot cartridge using a syringe. The nib is PERFECT for both highlighting words and underlining. The ink is subtle.


You can see the difference between the Noodler’s ink (green) and the Platinum ink (orange). The Platinum ink is extremely fluorescent! While the Noodler’s highlighter ink is bright, it is subdued and not so neon.


The pink Platinum ink is also very fluorescent, but isn’t quite as bright as the orange. I am using the pink ink in a medium 05 Platinum Preppy fountain pen and the orange pen is in a Platinum Preppy limited edition Hello Kitty fountain pen with a fine nib. I really, REALLY like the fine nib for highlighting, but I prefer the medium nib for general writing. Overall, the Platinum Preppy fountain pen line is my favorite student line of fountain pens. Even more so than the Pilot Varsity fountain pens.


Here you can see the difference in the nib size compared to the finer nibs in the Platinum Preppy pens. The italic nib is a lot broader and can easily be used to cover entire words and not just underlining. If I used the Preppy pens for highlighting entire words it would look more like strikethrough than highlighting.


If you have never considered using fountain pens for highlighting, I highly recommend it! I prefer the precise lines of the fountain pen to the broader coverage of traditional and even gel highlighters. If you’re wondering if the ink bleeds through the onion skin paper– it doesn’t!! When I first wrote about my Noodler’s highlighter ink, it did bleed through, but that was because I pressed down too hard. If applying light pressure (like you would normally write) the ink doesn’t feather, bleed, or ghost. It’s also neater and more organized to look at! I bought my Platinum preppy and highlighter refill cartridges on JetPens.com for next to nothing! Under five bucks and you have yourself and awesome fountain pen and a potential highlighter!


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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